Liam Key
Artist / Director of Imagination Pioneers / Interaction Designer / 3D Animator / Projection Mapping Installations / Programmer / Mental Imagery Researcher
Who Is Liam?
Liam Key is an Australian digital artist, designer and animator who works with sacred and visionary plants to retrieve complex imagery for reproduction.

The Work
His work is highly experimental across a range of digital mediums including visual art, vector graphics, programming, 3D animation, sound design, video, web development, projection mapping + more.

A theme exists across all of his work, with the work often embracing liquidity, fluidity and the fleeting nature of 'peripheral recall' - where imagery causes peripheral recall of emotions, feelings, known objects and yet upon closer inspection the recall detail dissolves away. His research aims to bring new levels of authenticity and worth to digital art - combining far ranging fields and goals to digital outcomes.

Imagination Pioneers
He is currently the Director of Imagination Pioneers, a digital agency located in beautiful Brisbane, Australia, creating high quality digital solutions for national + international clients.

Hallucination Research Institute
He has begun work on the Hallucination Research Institute which aims to use visual art to help demystify and gain insight into recurring visual qualities seen during complex visual hallucinations caused by psychedelic plants.

Maps Of Hyperspace
His years of research into visual hallucinations is currently being transformed into a book: "Maps of Hyperspace".