Midnight Guests (2016)

" The Holidays Aren't Fun Collection is the world seen through a bent lens - a tourist in a strange place. Superflat was my bread and butter for a long time. It was all I dreamt about, worked on, played with. Superflat is about using only flat colours - and having no gradients at all - only clear boundaries of colour. Shading can still appear but almost like a posterize effect. I fell in love with the medium of vector because it was endless editability without degredation of quality.

One of the most iconic and my personal favourite superflat work I've ever produced is in this collection - The Cafe on Mt. Kailash. Everything is just right in that image - it has for me the exact same intuition and vibe as Picasso's Three Musicians. That cubist style of incompletion of form that suggests rather than forces completeness. The edges of connotations filling in the gaps. Feelings rather than literals. A lot of the works in this series a like that - Table For One (With A View), The Pool Room, Midnight Guests, Novotel 2AM, Alchemy 101 - these are all in that same vein. It really shows because all of those were created in the same week, sometimes two a night, and I don't think I could recreate that balance of decision making right now, I've just changed as well.

Another very important piece in this collection is Doctors Surgery 2AM, as it really does lift off from being referential to a real world, and transcends into a very clear but non-real world. The clarity is really important, as otherwise it just becomes abstract art and can be any random shit chucked on a screen. But this is very clearly being guided by visions that aren't related to the bandwidth of perception we're all used to. Engine Failure In The Puzzle Room And The Frantic Escape Back To Reality speaks to this exact concept - and you can feel the franticness of the explorer whose motor in a tinny has just died, and he tries to revive it back again. The puzzle room is one of the "rooms" from this very large world I've been to I've seen over and over, and have felt this rising panic of being stuck there forever, only to escape back to reality with only my wits end. These are highly strange and out there concepts, but are part of my experience bank.

A lot of this collection is just that - works and not masterpieces. It's a collection of ideas, and germinations of ideas.

The Obstacles of Mind Prevent You From Entering The Hidden Dimensions (Overcome Them At All Costs)
In Line For The Ride At The Theme Park
Still Lifeless At The West End Pub
For The Seas Had Swallowed Our Boats And Spat Matchsticks In Our Face
Clown Skin Under A Microscope
Midnight Guests
The Magic School Bus
The Struggle
The Wounds of a God Reveal Nothing
The Start of Something New
The Pool Room
Doctors Surgery 2AM
Engine Failure In The Puzzle Room And The Frantic Escape Back To Reality
The Peyote Prince
Table For One (With A View)
Boos House
Going Quackers Made Me Sane
Whirlpools Of Thought
Sideshow Alley
The Water Crept Along The Banks But Nobody Noticed
Zap & Rupture From The Cobra Colour Dance
Part & Cross All Day Long
Clownin' Around
The Gold Coast Was Strange When The Mescaline Took Hold
When Earth Met Sky
The Room Unfolded And Showed Me Things That Night
It Had Been Tested On Monsters (And Strange Things Happened)
"Watch This" They Said
The Bad Guy Trap
The Peyote Prince Rode Through San Pedro
The Couch Potato
Throw Out The Old
The Mouse 2040
Novotel 2AM
Alchemy 101
The Cafe on Mt. Kailash
The Shaman & The Apprentice