Eyes Wide Open, 2016

" The Mr. Novelty Collection explores superflat child-like novelty. Simple, clear, big flat backgrounds with a novel object on top. You see, for me, novelty is one of the most fundamental concepts that we can even start to philosophically and logically categorise experience. Every day the world is new to us, and completely novel. But every day we seem to be repeating almost all of it. This dynamic relationship between what is repeated and what is new is the opposite ends of the spectrum between: novelty & pattern. When we are engaged with the novel we feel free and Godlike - when we are engaged in the pattern we feel trapped and enslaved to reality. This is why the creative endeavour is so endearing to all - it is the manufacturing and production of novelty. This is what I'm engaged with everytime I sit down to make something.

What I've only realised recently through some very high level epiphanies is that novelty is actually infinity. These two are interchangeable concepts - two sides of the same coin - they are the same thing. So novelty is "endless" as it is never the thing you hold, it is always the thing beyond the thing you are just holding. So it is a truly defininitive description of a pattern (because novelty is repeating) that is beyond the pattern. These self-reflexive, non-containable, ideas that fold into the opposite pole are much more than just interesting ideas, there is something very important to cracking those conceptual codes. They are very similar to the concept of order and chaos - but have subtle differences in their implications.

One of the interesting things about novelty is that if you truly understood the pattern to novelty you would know the future: You would know the pattern of what will happen tomorrow.

How do I design or come up with these ideas - say The New David Jones? My thoughts now are that I was destined to make that work - at that moment in time, with every variation of my being, all culminating into the infinite decision making process. The more I tap into what I'm on about, the more I can start to produce work that feels unique. Once I realised that I'm the endless source of novelty I could just get on with the job of documenting a human experience unfolding.

Some of really old classics in the Mr. Novelty series are the ones like Lizard Dance that has an Australian essence to it, Space Gun, Boy Germs, The Dolphin Show At Seaworld (circa. 1976) - these are all simple, with soft colours, round forms.

But some works produced years later that are much clearer in their execution of definitive line and edge are works like: Eyes Wide Open and Walk And Chew Gum. An old favourite that emerges out of nowhere is the The Trippers waltz. "

The Mr. Novelty Collection
Lizard Dance
Boy Germs
The Dolphin Show At Seaworld (circa. 1976)
The New David Jones
Mental Block
The Fools Coat Rack
Mr. You Tell Me
Eyes Wide Open
Walk And Chew Gum
The Orderly Disorderly
The Scrawl of David
The Trippers Waltz
Wading Through Clingy Thoughts
The Indescribable Form On Stage Again (But Aren't We All)
Fun On a Bicycle
Connotations & Associations
Space Gun
Baby Teeth
Camo Candy
The Equation of Form
The Rotary Club of Novelty
Blankets Pulled Tight
Space Gun