The Party Inside My Head (2015)

" The Chaotic Order Collection is all about chaos captured in a frozen moment in time, and the order that emerges when you sit with it long enough. Many of these pieces are highly dynamic, there is frenetic movement, and motion you can feel, like still screens of an animation or video. They all were developed using a unique technique that I haven't seen others use before. It's complex but simple, and "

The Party Inside my Head really captures some incredible forms - there's The Scream in there, with confetti, and ghosts - it's the chaos of a mind unsure and lost in the infinite. Frantic Clown in Gladwrap is a classic piece where it's self-referential to capturing dynamism in a single image - it's implying the piece is a photograph of Gladwrap (i.e. cling film) that a frantic clown had smeared its makeup into, and that the Gladwrap has now caughty the dynamism of the clown, when of course, it is the work that has done this, and not the secondary layer of the object in the photograph that has done this. Add to this that in four words the entire double layered story has been captured, and that Gladwrap as a brand name in Australia also has the double entendre for a clown wiping the smile off its face. I often wonder about how all these things come together - and the truth is they don't - I'm stacking meaning on top of nothing. This is the really incredible insight into meaning, and symbol, surface and essence. Douglas Hofstader taught me a lot about bootstrapping meaning out of nothing.

The Treasure Room is one of those works that is just incredible - it feels like lightning captured in a bottle - and I show people and they ttell me it looks like just random shit and like I'm making mudpies for Mum - that I "think" I'm making art, but I'm really just proud of myself. This caused me a lot of doubt for many years, and to shy away from sitting still and pointing out that no, actually, there is something quite interesting here, and I just don't think that your eyes have actually focused on what I'm seeing. Of course you don't have to love it, but it definitely isn't as simple as just writing this collection off as just sketches on napkins.

Birds Eye View of La Chorrera is one of my old favourites. DMT Didn't Look Like This (But It Felt Like This) and The Tunnels Closed Inwere done one after the other one night trying to capture the essence of this experience I had one Friday night. I think it's pretty clear from the titles that they weren't perfect, in fact they don't even look close, but this is a deeper problem with the transferance of one medium into another, and is a different story. "

The Chaotic Order Collection
Frantic Clown in Gladwrap
The Party Inside My Head
Can You See Me? (I Feel Strange)
Honeycomb Crumble
Starlight Navigation
Examinations Into Associations via the LHC
The Cartoon Network
The Cartoon Network
Kaos Frontiers
The Circus
The Slaughter of Ego Was a Fight to the Death With Myself
Spooky Ghost Castle (Leave Your Body At The Door)
The Magic Corroboree
Impossible To Describe
The Fair Tale
The County Fare
Acacia Maidenii
Stealing Ideas From Dreams
The Four Quarters Of The Living Mind
The Dog Ripped My Comics (And They Looked Better After)
Flats of Sao Paulo
Leaky Tanks
The Great Silicone Rush of 2028
The Treasure Room
The Electric Blankets of Cusco
Castles of Mind
Mt. Volar
The Clowns Drunk Goon Juice After The Nightly Show And Saw Visions In Peace
DMT Didn't Look Like This (But It Felt Like This)
Treasure Filled Halls of the Imagination
Dead Men Watch The Transition Closely
Birds Eye View of La Chorrera
The Tunnels Closed In
The Bright Side
Dead Mens Crematorium
The Saturday Morning Frenzy
High Fashion