Ponds of Mind & Muck, 2018

"The Maestro Collectionwas the last in my superflat period, and is the one I'm most proud of. This collection all utilised the development of my technical skill in achieving this certain style. Each one of these works is clearer and more developed than those in The Chaotic Order Collection. This is because it's stronger line work, more overlap, clearer visions, better variation between scale of shapes etc. "

Pieces like Pond of Muck & Mind, Halloween in Eden Park, The Flying Witches of Velacruz, Side of the Highway - October, 1977, Dark, Still, Impossible all have this certain frequency that is just incredible. If you look at the back of Dark, Still, Impossible you see this incredible rich blackness of shape, and clear form in the front - this is really striking compositional techniques, and clarity. Look at the form in the middle, and how it twirls and morphs, twists and knots, with clear definitions and boundaries, but overlapping shapes - it's like controlling and sculpting a tornado that's filled with shards and broken wood planks. If you look at Halloween in Eden Park, the colour scheme is just beautiful - it's this eerie, moody group of colours, and the forms slide horizontal and diagonally, but clear demarcations of landscape planes, and levels, horizon lines, with the night sky up top, and forms to the left, puddles in the bottom right etc.

Pond of Muck & Mind is a fascinating interplay of form and colour, style and technique, it feels unique, chaotic, orderly, it feels like goldfish in a murky still pond, a Monet on acid, broken but more interesting, with strings and lines, streamers and confetti, bits and bobs. I'm really happy with this.

These pieces are hard work if you don't immediately get 'it' - they are purposefully trying to elude you. The longer the work moves and morphs between all the existing categories of the things you've seen in your lifetime, the more fun and endlessly new and invocative it is. If you start to categorise it then it's started to tire and die because you've found and conquered the pattern of the work - the more novelty I can jam pack into a single frame, the longer the work will be engaging for you.

The Maestro Collection
Pond of Muck & Mind
Halloween in Eden Park
The Flying Witches of Velacruz
Side Of The Highway - October, 1977
Dark, Still, Impossible
Laughing Outside
Blood Hounds
The Scream
The Shuttle Arrives
The Practice
The Dance
Skyward Dreams
The Final Boss
The Correct Rupture
Being Silly Is Not Okay