Two Clowns French Kissing Underwater, 2018

" The Very Small Collection is a series of macro photographs taken of things around the home. This was a great exercise in realising how the very small quickly turns into new Universes, and that scale becomes difficult to comprehend for the viewer. There is also a whole series of works that have been lost due to hard drive failures of Blu-Tac on Black like Caught: Al Grz8ng1 - Interdimensional Knot Virus which I particularly liked and might re-visit. Some of the works like Two Clowns French Kissing Underwater are just so fun and irreverant and silly."

Four of the blue works: The Cosmic Cobra, The Coveted Blue Of Jesus, The Delicate Details of Religious Iconography and Wetware Architectural Geometry - are incredible in terms of form and complexity. All of these works were made with ice, soap, food dye, ink and paint, with a lamp and saucer.

This entire collection was created over the course of a week - a short sprint - all utilising the same type of symmetry, macro, lighting conditions and camera - but the piece Expo 88 just sits on its own and feels really unique. It's such a beautiful work, the composition and splat forms feel very reminiscent of 80's organic designers working with physical materials. It's just incredible how certain works emerge out of collection as having unique constitutional DNA signatures - and it's really only clear when comparing amongst a set of work created all with the same type of conditions. "

The Very Small Collection
The Cosmic Cobra
Two Clowns French Kissing Underwater
Ghost Drops
Crystal Saliva
The Coveted Blue Of Jesus
Prawn Priest
Wetware Architectural Geometry
Expo 88
Turkey Soup
Wetware Geometry
The Delicate Details of Religious Iconography
Caught: Al Grz8ng1 - Interdimensional Knot Virus
The Four Corners of Mexico City