Prayers To Azkhabar, 2018

" The Old Visions is a collection of work that were made for a client who had a very targeted goal. I don't really want to say much more about them specificially, but the context for these works was the development of a comparison between new and old visions. They unfortunately didn't quite fit the requirements for the client to be released and associated with their work - but none the less - they are an interesting exploration of Old Testament visions of beings, mythical creatures, landscapes and characters.

They are, of course, all my own interpretation of written word, and never mean any disrespect towards the purity of the words themselves. This is the classic case of medium translations becoming fixed realities - the written word is endlessly novel and personally satisfying, where as the direct representation is endlessly fixed and definitive. This philosophical interplay has caused much distress, and more work is required in communicating and navigating the limitations of this issue."

The Old Visions Collection
Ezekiels Vision of Cherubim: Revelation 4:6-8
The Burning Bush
City In The Desert
Menorah Fuelled From The Olive Tree
Ezekiels Vision of the Tetramorph: Ezekiel 1:10
The Holy Seat