Your Thoughts Are Sculptural, Not Electrical (2017)

" The Portal Collection is a series of works that were all built using 3D software, to explore impossible forms that don't exist on this realm.

Works like The Treasure Room are just on a bonkers level of detail and realism. It shows this modern twist on the same feeling as King Tut's Tomb - this room filled to the brim with mind boggling beautiful artefacts, dedicated to the Gods, developed by a group of advanced people and discarded or lost. That stumbling into a treasure trove is a constant feeling one has when exploring these spaces.

Other really common feelings and visions are similar to Faces Came Out Of The Woodwork, Grotesque and Distorting Faces Plastered Everywhere, Laughing Gas - where these faces just keep coming out, and morphing - like a wave of activity is occuring over the brain disconneted from the typical linear flow of cascading filters from V1->V5, but now topographically just spilling over and being activated from the surface down - but this is a very reductionist point of view of the process - and eventually they stabilise like Your Thoughts Are Sculptural, Not Electrical and you realise this wasn't actually some anthroporphic face illusory/face hallucination process, but actually this was a stable development into a 3D hyper-realistic and meaningful scene that is communicating information on a level you've never experienced before. That is where the thing almost always ends up, and you come back and basically your brain just locks off that component and keeps the bit that says it was probably a big illusion. "

I love the simplicty of Marble and Sheen & Flow as exercises of form. "

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