Dead Mans Trip
Still frame from Dead Mans Trip (2015)

Dead Mans Trip was all about trying my best at visualizing the entire experience from start to finish - it wasn't perfect - far from it actually - but it was an honest attempt at the recreation of a complex experience. There are moments in the film that feel close - they may not even look close - but they do feel similar. The video was put on YouTube and got about 20,000 views with hundreds of comments. Many of them were saying things like "DMT is pure love and this is like a horro film" - it's hard to tell on YouTube but I sure as hell do know that all my experiences have been utterly fucking terrifying to the core of my being, and part way through I feel some sort of love due to realising I'm finally facing the deepest fears of all.

My skills in 3D were limited at the time, my computer was a really capped piece of shit - rendering 24 hours a day, animating blind, and I was stuck in a rut creatively but I managed to push through. I remember setting up the final scene with the tunnel of eyes before I flew to Melbourne for 4 days and just let it that one scene the whole time. The film stands on its own right now - warts and all. I will revisit this concept and perhaps re-do the entire film at some point, as it really is the most important work I've done in terms of this topic and the variations on approaching the problem.

I dedicated this in the credits to 3 of my homies who were on the same journey as me at some point - and to make the viewer remember that it's your homies who are with you on the journey. Nothing but love.