Entheogenesis Australis
Still frame from social media campaign video for yearly psychedelic conference by Entheogenesis Australis (2017)

EGA is one of the premiere psychedelic conferences in Australia, having built a community and reputation for inviting some of the leading researchers, guests and speakers to the conferences throughout the years. They are a non-profit organisation, and are run off the smell of an oily rag. I always try to help them out whenever I'm asked. We tried to do something a bit bolder for the 2017 conference social media campaign to ensure the tickets were all sold. I thought doing it all in 3D would be a good idea - but it definitely got stuck in ensuring the details were correct. 3D is okay if all of the mistakes can be just forgiven, but if you've got to kind of ensure that it's realistic then everything gets compounded and plants in general a fairly difficult little things to master.

I think the mushroom scene turned out quite good, but the Acacias and Caapi scene at the front is pretty weak to be honest. The trich scene doesn't grow well, but the peyota hairs curling does look good. I think the Salvia plant looks the best in terms of the render, and this is purely a technical detail. You can tell I haven't painted any textures, and am only using minimal materials that gives everything that 3D plastic look. It's funny how all that work can just get spoilt by small details on rendering techniques.

All these issues are my fault in the production of the work - EGA are a great crew and are doing the good deeds by ensuring that there is a home for research into psychedelics in Australia.