Departures Board
Prayers To Azkhabar, 2018


Departures Board was a dynamic front and back end web project, that was then connected to a giant LED screen. It was a great custom piece that was developed in unity with Peter Houtmeyer, to enable staff to dynamically update the status of graduating students in a live scoreboard. This means that the entire piece needed to have a database on the back-end for students info, and a front-end customisation section for the staff to change and update the details. The display of the data needed to have sound effects and highly custom and complex waves of animation, including line by line and character cycling to make it look like the classic departures board mechanical animations. This meant all of the animations needed to be done in Javscript and CSS - I used Greensock to help deploy complex dynamic animations based on the data. A really sweet solution that worked perfectly in the end, even when dynamically importing over 180 students status.