Still frame from Mandala - A projection mapping installation (2018)


"Mandala was a classic installation project that I worked on in one of those states of blinding focus and madness. I bought 250 polystyrene balls from Spotlight, and initially really struggled mapping out the manadala shape of the concentric circles. I couldn't figure it out, and was under a severe time pressure, so at about 2pm I ended up using dental floss, a pencil, and a some crazy back-of-a-napkin calculations to build a big compass to pencil out where the spheres should go, then drilled holes through thick panels without the proper drill bit, and ended up drilling literally into the floor. At about 6pm the sculpture was up, and I mapped until about 10pm. Then from 10pm to 6am, did a series of 3D animations, exported, walked in the door before 8am and loaded the piece up for everyone to see walking in. These types of projects were really formative for me, they required efficiency, precision, detailed fluid planning to make sure I walk out of the project with the goods, no matter what happens. I really love this work - it's one of the more mature pieces I've done, very beautiful, particularly the beach ball stripes I just love that moment. "