3D Wayfinding
Still frame from Richard Foster's 3D Wayfinding Application (2017)

3D Wayfinding Application was a project I was supervisor for and was developed and coded by the very talented Richard Foster. A really innovative approach to traditional wayfinding applications (i.e. traditional maps and digital 2D birds-eye visualizers). The entire project was ran on a large touchscreen enabling staff and students to navigate easily and effectively through a point of view camera to their classrooms. The application has much for environments that are difficult to navigate in such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Exhibition Centres
  • Shopping centres
  • State libraries

It also had the added benefit of being able to dynamically switch to display important information during an emergency such as fire escape routes, fire extinguishers, and disability access.

Richard also implemented dynamic pathfinding abilities, to solve the issue of navigational touchscreens being moved or put in different positions. A very impressive project.