Jellyfish Installation
Beyond the Deep installation (2018)

" Beyond The Deep was such a beautiful project in the end. It really took every ounce of foresight, projection, planning, management, risk evaluation, and technical leaping in the unknown to pull off. I'm so proud of the crew who worked on it, Claudia, Rich, Amed, and Renato - it was just such a special project.

It was also such an enjoyable experience to work with one of my best friends Matt Epple - it's a deeply bonding experience to give a project your all, and it leveraged both of our deep skill sets - his with the sculptural and story driven associations and branding identities and mine with the technological and programming aspects. The entire crew of two supervisors and five students were all required to give their all to make the thing get over the line - we did.

There were some nice outcomes as well - we submitted the project to an international art installation competition driven by Greenpeace and were a finalist in the project. Queensland Museum also reached out and enquired about how to display the work as part of their tutrle incubation program.

For more insight into the project make sure to watch the making of documentary here."