The Pathfinder
The homepage still frame from The Pathfinder web application


"The Pathfinder application was a great project I was technical supervisor for, in which we had a small crew of three interaction design students, Bethany La Paglia, Lachlan Colliss and Yagmur Sarcin, develop and design a web based data driven quiz that would direct students into the different types of career outcomes a graphic designer could come out as. Elicia Simons also helped supervise with clear visualizations and designs of the project.

The project was a custom built template, made using jQuery, Javascript and the Greensock library for customised animations. Originally the project utilised Fullpage.js, however it was later discarded due to fighting restrictions and limitations on customization. A bare bones responsive fullpage.js library was rebuilt from scratch, that utilised horizontal navigation slides.

The project turned out a great success, with the quiz being rolled out to thousands of students with positive feedback.