Tuvalu Wave Installation
Tuvalu: No Place Like Home - Interactive installation (2019)

" Tuvalu: The Wave Installation was an interactive installation that Matt Epple and I were supervisor on with a small crew of interaction design students. The crew made up of Bethany La Paglia, Renato Frias Goncalves, Yi-Yuan Lai and Fabian Quinonez, really gave everything they had to to get this project up and running.

This was just one of those insane projects where it would be so delicately in the balance of either being a complete success or a complete fail. With the deadline of 6pm Friday Night of the Exhibition as the hard deadline when the public would come to look at the work, at 6:45pm we were still up a ladder, covered in black soot, untangling fishing line and swapping out dead motors that we were blowing one afte the other. So many pieces were falling down around us, that when it finally just worked as an imperfect wave we were incredibly elated.

My true respect goes out to the entire crew who pushed on all the way and never gave up. This is the part of the finished 1 minute video you don't see, but for more insight in the larger context of the work check out the making of documentary here. "