Cortext Copywriter (left) and Ausbeds (right) chatbots that interact with both customers, and navigate through complex topics in a humanised manner

Chatbots have been developed for two different clients: Ausbeds and Cortex Copywriter. Both were built off of a custom template I developed in Javscript. The chatbot for Cortex Copywriter was interesting, in that it also neede very smooth alternate "voices" to showcase different tonality and personality within the copywriting - which essentially meant there were 5 x replica chatbot conversations possible each with a differnt tone of language that could dynamically be swapped out any point. This along with up to 80 different conversation paths, meant that the programming template behind the scenes, and discussions with the client in being able to write and achieve the goal effectively, was a fairly complex task. True and deep customisation was always the goal for this type of work.