Cortex Copywriter
Cortex Copywriter branding, web presence, interaction design, code and development (2019)

Cortex Copywriter was an awesome project to work on with Nathan Mudaliar steering the ship up front. There was a lot of trust developed and given to myself in taking a lot of risk, and heavy focus on visual graphics, animation, clever interaction design, slick web details, and technical powerhouse productions. The site was in total something like 240KB gzipped, and it ran on animated SVGs the entire way throughout thanks to the Bodymovin library. There was essentially a tonality switcher for 5 example personality types that the entire site would could be swapped to - this meant 5 x different skins for the same website in CSS. Greensock powered a lot of custom transitions, and there was a few thousand lines of Javscript triggering loads of custom details.

Nathan had a lot of success with the site from landing in the top 10 portfolio sites for UX designers, along with being contacted by a range of individuals in regards to the site. The branding ideas behind his neuroscience background were instrumental in landing an edge in a highly competitive but new field of UX copywriters.